Have NOT I COMMANDED THEE, Be STRONG and of GOOD COURAGE; Be NOT AFRAID, neither Be THOU DISMAYED: For the LORD THY GOD is with THEE whithersoever THOU GOEST. (Joshua 1:9)

Joel 2:7
THEY shall RUN like MIGHTY MEN; THEY shall CLIMB the WALL like MEN of WAR;  and THEY shall MARCH every one on His ways, and THEY shall NOT BREAK Their Ranks:

The Left have declared war on the Right(eous).  America has gone soft.  America is the home of the brave, the dwelling of the strong, the habitation of the just.  America is the home of Warriors.  Sons and daughters of Troops.  The sons and daughters of The Lord Thy God.  The people of God have awaken.  The Beast has been stirred.  
Now GATHER Thyself in TROOPS, O Daughter of TROOPS: He(they) hath LAID SIEGE against US: they shall smite the Judge of Isreal with a ROD upon the CHEEK.
For, Lo, I RAISE UP the CHALDEANS, that BITTER and HASTY Nation, which shall MARCH through the BREADST of the Land, to POSSESS dwelling places that are NOT Theirs.
THEY shall HOLD the BOW and the LANCE:  THEY are CRUEL, and WILL NOT shew MERCY:  Their VOICE shall ROAR like the SEA, and THEY shall RIDE upon HORSES, Every One put in ARRAY, Like a MAN to BATTLE, against thee O daughter of Babylon.
And THEY shall Make a SPOIL of Thy RICHES, and Make a PREY of Thy MERCHANDISE: And THEY shall BREAK DOWN Thy WALLS, and DESTROY thy PLEASANT HOUSES: And THEY shall LAY thy STONES and thy TIMBER and thy DUST in the MIDST of the WATER.
ISAIAH 65:22
THEY shall NOT BUILD, and another INHABIT;  THEY shall NOT PLANT, and another EAT:  For as the DAYS of a TREE are the DAYS of MY(GODS) PEOPLE, and MINE ELECT shall LONG ENJOY the WORK of THEIR HANDS.
ISAIAH 11:14
But THEY shall FLY upon the SHOULDERS of the Phillistines toward the WEST; THEY shall SPOIL them of the EAST together:  THEY shall LAY THEIR HAND upon Edom and Moab; and the children of Ammon shall OBEY THEM.
But THEY that WAIT upon The LORD shall RENEW THEIR STRENGTH;  THEY shall MOUNT UP with WINGS as EAGLES; THEY shall RUN, and NOT be WEARY, and THEY shall WALK, and NOT FAINT.

The MIGHTY EAGLE has been snared by the Fowlers. WE have NOT been able to SPREAD OUR WINGS. BREAK FREE of the NET and MOUNT UP. It’s TIME the RAVENOUS BIRD of the EAST Stretches forth HER WINGS.

JOB 39:27-30
SHE Dwelleth and Abideth on the ROCK, upon the Crag of the ROCK, and a STRONG PLACE.  
From THENCE SHE SEEKETH the prey, and HER EYES behold afar off.
HER YOUNG ONES also suck up BLOOD: and where the slain are, there is SHE.

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