I’m not Anti-mask, I’m Anti-Authoritarianism

I’m not “anti-mask” or “anti-vaccine”, I am anti-authoritarianism. If this were the Black Plague, which resulted in anywhere from 75 million to 200 million deaths, and peoples skin was melting off, then bet. I’d be wearing a bio-hazard suit living out in the middle of the woods or in a cave somewhere. But lets be real, this ain’t no black plague. This is a cold, at worse a flu, I mean it’s the exact same symptoms. I don’t deny that people can die from this but they can also die from the flu or even the cold if they have underlying health issues. I will NOT hide behind a mask or live my life in fear, plain and simple.

And there is no doubt in my mind that the numbers are botched, to make this virus appear worst than it is. The death toll numbers are exponentially exaggerated to give the illusion of danger. Hospitals are attributing the reason of death to the china virus even if the individual did not test positive. If they had any of the symptoms prior to their death, including runny nose, vomiting, a cough or fatigue prior to their departure they are required to chalk it up to the china virus. And if someone is on their death bed of course they are going to feel fatigued. Why would they want to exaggerate the death toll? That’s simple, their tactics and stratagems are only effective if you are afraid. If you knew the truth and were not ruled by fear then they would have no control over you. It’s all about control, who will submit to their will.

The Media loves to paint anti-maskers as the vigilantes.

I have not worn a mask since the beginning of this plannedimic, and I have not had so much as a runny nose. Knock on wood. Which is strange because I typically get at least some sort of cold every year. I’ve worked in the front of grocery stores, convenient stores, rest stations, and many more venues from the east to the west and from the north to the south since this began and guess what? I haven’t been sick and I never wore a mask the entire time. I was working all over in New York during “ground zero” and I did not wear a mask. They would ask me aren’t you afraid? And, I would say in defiance, I will NOT comply with anything that arrogant self-righteous Cuomo commands.

I didn’t wear a mask, not because I don’t care about people. The opposite is true in fact, I lead by example. I want to show people that there is nothing to fear, not to be afraid, and to stand against they tyrants who want to take away our rights. I am more worried about the rights of the future generations than I am of this cold. You don’t have to be a medical expert to understand herd immunity. You can see it all over nature which we are indeed a part of. Nature is one of our guides as we journey through life. Just as everything in nature is male and female, but that’s another topic.

I hear the critics say “you think your smarter than the doctors, and doctor Fauci”? Ah, No, I just don’t trust them. Why would I trust a guy that has everything to gain (financially) from you taking a vaccine. Not to mention how many times did he say one thing and a week later it was the opposite. I don’t trust his motive or intent. I don’t trust anyone for that matter, I suppose you could say I have serious trust issues. Doctors are wrong all the time, and so are scientist. I trust in God, and ONLY in God. So for the love of God, quit telling me to trust the science!

Psalms 56:11
In GOD have I put My TRUST: I will NOT be AFRAID what man can do unto Me.
Micah 7:5
Isaiah 58:11
And The LORD shall GUIDE Thee Continually, and SATISFY Thy Soul in DROUGHT, and make Thy BONES FAT: And Thou shalt be like a SPRING of WATER, Whose WATERS FAIL NOT.

Least of all do I Trust the Current government, who ALL they do is lie, cheat, and steal from the American People. When you lift your Eyes up to the sky and look down and see the full picture, you see how they are using the man-made, and intentionally released china virus to serve their global agenda. First it was released to try and de-throne Trump, who they knew they could NOT defeat. And Now it serves as a method of control.

They destroyed the world economy to ruin all the prosperity that Trump was bringing to our Nation. So the only thing they could do was throw a wrench in the system, and use the plannedimic to blame on Trump as if he had anything to do with it. They can care less about the collateral damage and the catastrophe it caused because they knew it was the only way. And with Trump out of the way they could use the made-in-china cold to divide and conquer. They are all still sitting there nice and fat, secured in their jobs as they have been for decades. And with their power restored, they can go back to mutilating America as they have their entire careers.

I will NOT COMPLY, I will NOT WEAR a MASK, Nor will I take your VACCINE. I’m not hear to argue or debate whether or not mask work, I believe when properly used once and then disposed of, then they are more than likely to be effective. So like I said I am NOT anti-mask, I am anti-authoritarian. I don’t trust these people nor will I ever, they are the enemy of the people. I will rebel kicking and screaming until the very end. People use the same mask everyday, setting it down and picking it up, how effective do you think that is? I’m no rocket scientist but I would venture to guess it would probably be more dangerous than to just not wear a mask at all. The only people I know of personally who tested “positive” and (who really knows how accurate those test are), were avid mask wearers. And of all the people I know of personally that “contracted” the cold were just fine after a day or two.

As the Emmy Award winning Andrew Cuomo said about the thousands of seniors that he delivered to their death and caused the infections of God only knows how many others, “who cares”. “Who cares” was his response, oh but CNN omitted that part conveniently, because all they do is cover up their scandals. This is a shared ideology of the left, why do you think they haven’t done anything about it, because they don’t care. They would rather send you to the slaughter, even out of spite, if it serves their own political interest. He could have sent them to the ships that Trump dispatched but no, he didn’t want to make Trump look good. Instead he sent them to their demise in order to open up the hospital for better paying customers. Why in God’s name would I ever trust this administration. I would have to be the dumbest fool to ever walk the earth.

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