Day after day, and night after night, they strike a nerve. I try and I try, but I just can’t drown out their Noise. Their relentless bumbling and babbling, the sound of Nails on the chalkboard. I clamp my jaw and grit my teeth. I plug my ears and turn my head. Am I in a bad dream? Someone shake me and let me awaken from my slumber. No one can really be buying these lies? I must be in a trance, the sound of the viols, they dance the devils dance.

Am I hypnotized? I can’t be the only one to notice? How are the masses decieved? How has the hammer of the whole earth broken in asunder? How has the land of the brave been overrun by fear. They forgot about the God of the land. Morning after morning I wake up to this same surreal reality. The line of Confusion has been stretched across the whole earth. They have waged war against the Righteous.

I’m sick and tired of the lying, driveling (NO GOOD FOR NOTHING) news anchors of CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS. I’ve had it up to here with the hypocrisy of the left. I’m fed up with the social distancing and the mask! If I hear about covid one more time, I might blow my top. I’m about to lose my my mind with climate change activist. Their pushing me to the edge with their policies and politics. Their driving me up a wall with their senseless open boarder claims. The late-night talk show clowns are making me come unraveled. My God, I can’t take much more. The Racist Pigs of The View are making me to stew.

It’s only been a month and I’m at my wits end with this babbling Buffon Biden, and that smiling canker Kamala. The attack on my freedom has me madder than fire. How much more will we tolerate? The whole world is infected with their delirium. I must be going crazy, my tears have turned to laughter within me. A beehive swarms in my chest. That demented poisonous Pelosi has me pulling out my hair. And that ogre Chuck Schumer’s infatuation with Trump, while ignoring the needs of the people, has me ready to come unglued. No Chuck, you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. They’ve abandoned their posts, they’ve changed the ordinance, and removed the standard. Let their Scepter be cast down to the ground.

And I will BEAT DOWN His Foes before His FACE, and PLAGUE them that hate Him. –God

Your not welcome here Maxine, this is our land! Some one needs to smack that stupid arrogant smile off that nuisance Newsome’s face. Omar raising her hands in the name of alla has made my blood to boil. My GOD, LORD OF HOST, the GOD of the land, STRIKE them DOWN in your FURY. And in your WRATH don’t forget about that halfwit harlet Cortez. Children rule over us, let them be vehemently removed. Let EVIL HUNT down and PURSUE the WICKED.

They divide and conquer in the name of social distancing. The trepidation of the press has me coming undone. Obama Bin Laden and the deplorable, detestable Clintons have me beside myself. Bill Gates, Hitler hiding in a Mr. Rogers sweater thinks himself as a god and should control the population, and feed fungus to the masses. Reporters publish peace while cities are burned to the ground. Let death seize upon them quickly and let them remain silent in the grave.

FEAR Thou NOT; for I AM with Thee. Be NOT DISMAYED; For I AM Thy GOD. I will STRENGTHEN Thee. Yea, I will HELP Thee; Yea, I will UPHOLD Thee. With the RIGHT HAND of MY RIGHTEOUSNESS. -Isaiah 41:10

I’m exasperated with the corporate suppression. Spiking fuel prices has made me a seething pot. I’m like a bowing wall ready to burst. I think the Cuomos need anal swabbed with that giant Q-tip of theirs. That bug-eyed Beetlejuice looking mayor of Chicago has made me to smolder. I’m worn out with the teachers unions refusing to educate our youth while they still collect pay. I guarantee if you stop their income they will be back in school the very next day. Let us come together and stand in battle array.

The VILE person shall NO MORE be called LIBERAL, Nor the CHURL said to be BOUNTIFUL. For the VILE person will speak VILLANY, and his heart will WORK INIQUITY, to practice HYPOCRISY, and to UTTER ERROR against The LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to Fail. The Instruments also of the CHURL are EVIL. He Deviseth WICKED DEVICES to DESTROY the poor with LYING WORDS, even when the needy speak Right. But the LIBERAL Deviseth LIBERAL things; and by LIBERAL things shall he stand. -Isaiah 32:5-8

Let the people RISE UP and REVOLT against the Tyrants of Tyranny. Let the fallen stars of Hollywood stand for their betrayal. Mark Cuban is a disgrace to America, him and the athletes that kneel for the flag and bend the knee to BLM. They think they are Kings and Princes, but they are nothing. They are abominable filth, they spit on the people and on the graves of our fallen warriors. Look at the people of Myanmar and take note. Lift up the banner, and take a stand.

I am here to SCOFF at the Kings, Princes are a SCORN unto me. My GOD, Be TERRIBLE and DREADFUL unto them. Come down and EXECUTE JUDGEMENT!

Micah 1:3- For, Behold, The LORD cometh Forth OUT of HIS Place, and will COME DOWN, and TREAD upon the HIGH PLACES of the EARTH.

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